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From a family who lives in the suburb of Chiang Mai, Thailand. My father loves to plant trees, especially fruit trees so our family can always eat fruits all year round. I absorb all those love for plants without realizing it

Then Covid19 hit us all, I was also affected. Just overnight,
I lost my job after 16 years of working there.

But that also makes me saw a new opportunity during this pandemic. After I lost my job I have more time to spend with my family, planted some veggies and trees. Most importantly I came to understand how to live simply and happy with my family, by using trees as a tool to start a new chapter of my life

I got some ideas and start a new business, using trees on my family's little farm. From growing all those plants, flowers, or fruits and vegetables that eat it ourselves, we turned it into our new small family business.

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We are PlantsDeserve

We give the trees all the thing they deserve, with our love and care they are well grown. And they gave us good food, good air plus a healthy body and mind. And I have a better environment for myself and those people around me that I love.

Trees opened a new world for me, I saw a lot of opportunities, lots of good things pour in. I can say plants gave my life some good energy and good things.

And because I want to send out these good energies and good things from the plants that I think everyone deserves to get, we got motivated and made this website "Plants Deserves" so it can send you good plants. Every individual person should have their special plants.

We believe that when you got our plants and give it good care it deserves, they will pay you and your family back with good things. You will have a better environment after you take all these trees home.

  • You will get a lot of good things from the trees just like what I got.

  • Good health, Good environment, Good minds.

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We are PlantsDeserve
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We are PlantsDeserve

Good things that we called Plants from us "Plants deserves"

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